Years of hard work and dedication have gone into creating the Big Foot Events team. We strive to ensure we are at the top of our game and are pioneers of new and exciting developments in the world of entertainment.

One of the many talents we pride ourselves with are our organisational skills; we’ve been known to pull together a corporate Christmas party for 150 people with less than a weeks notice! (It was a fantastic event, even if we do say so ourselves.)

If you have ever attended an event that we’ve created then you will already know how smoothly they run, we make it look easy, but trust us it’s not at all!  It takes understanding, and experience to make something with so much potential for chaos look like a stroll in the park!

Why trust anyone other than the BFE team to take care of your corporate and themed events? 

Whether you are Fundraising or Networking, Creating Brand Awareness or Launching a new product, it is essential that your events go without a hitch. 

Do you want the circus?  We’ll put up the tent, hire the clowns, find a lion tamer……….

When you go to the trouble and expense of a themed event, all you want your guests to see is the glitz and the glamour. The jugglers and the paparazzi-style photographers, the red-carpet hostess and fire eaters.  It’s like watching any show, no one wants to know how the magic happens, they just want to be entertained.

Making the magic happen is where we come in.  We work in liaison with you until we fully understand your event needs and once we do, our complete event management service will bring all the details together.  We can take the most basic of plans, ideas and venues and create an outstanding event.

Over the years, we have learned that memorable events have a quirky edge to them and are packed with innovate ideas and unique entertainment. The BFE team have so much experience with planning and executing themed events we can recommend the latest must have live music and speciality acts guaranteed to impress and amuse your guests.

When you hire us to plan your event we take responsibility for the entire project and that includes your audio-visual requirements. We provide you with sound, lighting and stage packages using top industry standard equipment.  Professional installation and dedicated engineering teams will ensure on-site technical support and management throughout your event.

We did say we’d take care of everything, and we meant it!

Our Event Planning Credentials Speak for Themselves.

We have been honoured to work with some incredible companies and have been hired to create some stunning themed events, our professionalism and knowledge ensure that every detail is taken care of.

There’s no end to the illusion we can create.

The BFE event creation team have taken a utilitarian sports hall and turned it into a magical world full of fairy lights, clever draping and stunning table settings.  An amazing welcome for party guests and another world away from sweaty basketball players and badminton racquets!

With a combination of technical know-how, creativity and experience we have turned the plainest room into an Alice In Wonderland theme that transported our corporate client's guests down the rabbit hole and into a world of magic and mystery.

The feedback we receive from our customers and their guests is always incredibly positive, and a great deal of our work is repeat business and recommendation.

We are the themed event magicians; we have an ever-changing array of ideas and themes to choose from. We will certainly have some great ideas for your next event, all you have to do is call us!