Stevie Starr - The Regurgitator - Astonishing & Unique Act

Stevie Starr - The Regurgitator

Stevie Starr is known as The Regurgitator, an Internationally recognised unique act and possibly the most astonishing you will ever see!



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    Probably the most astonishing and bizarre act you will ever see in your life!

    Stevie Starr is known as The Regurgitator and his act has astounded audiences across the globe.

    Stevie’s talent lies in being able to swallow (and regurgitate unharmed!) a wide variety of objects, including light-bulbs, snooker balls, Rubik’s cubes, balloons, jewellery, and even a live goldfish!

    When you hire Stevie Starr, this unique and phenomenal act will:

    • Swallow smoke and regurgitate it into a soap bubble on request!
    • Swallow a Rubik’s Cube and returns it with all the rows correctly turned!
    • Swallows a bowl of dry sugar, followed by a large glass of water, then regurgitates the sugar bone dry!
    • Swallow a piece of jewellery followed by a padlock and key, returning the jewellery locked securely in the padlock!
    • Swallows numbered coins and regurgitates them at the audience’s request, in whatever order they wish – producing the correct coin each time!
    • Stevie can swallow a live goldfish and return him unharmed!
    • Stevie manipulates objects within his stomach according to audience wishes!
    • Return any items borrowed, to order, dry and clean!

    Stevie Starr is The Regurgitator and is an absolute thrill for all ages! This exciting act is available for up to a one hour show and is suitable for Television, Freshers Events, Corporate Functions, Holiday Parks or anywhere that requires something different!

    Television Appearances include:

    • Late Night With Letterman (USA)
    • The Last Resort (England)
    • Saturday Top Special (Japan)
    • That’s Incredible (USA)
    • Tonight With Steve Vizard (Australia)
    • …And many more worldwide!

    Stevie has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, getting through to the Semi-Finals where he swallowed Amanda Holden’s engagement ring, followed by a locked padlock and its key. He then returned the ring, locked in the padlock!

    Stevie Starr came 4th in America’s Got Talent with his incredible act. You can see part of his act in the videos below.

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