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Encourage your customers to go back to their school days with our School Disco themed entertainment. Whether you prefer old school dance or cheesey 90's pop, we have the acts for you!


School Disco Band
90's Genre Band
80's Genre Band
90's Star Name PA
Old School DJ
School Girl & Boy Walkabouts
Headmaster / Head Mistress Walkabouts
Spice Girls Tribute Act
Take That Tribute Act
Britney Spears Tribute Act
Adult Bouncy Castle
Human Canape Tray
Foam Party
Paint Party
Popcorn & Candyfloss Machines

Back 2 School Party Package

Back 2 School is one of the most popular theme nights. Dress up and head back to school for one night only. This package includes everything to make your venue stand out as the biggest school party you have ever been to. 

With a FREE pick and mix shop, full venue branding and decor, a list of school nostalgia props to choose from and quirky giveaways. The school theme night ranks highly on your times tables chart. 


·        7ft  Pencils
·        7ft Inflatable Tie
·        8ft Inflatable Rulers Mobiles
·        Black Boards with Chalk
·        School Tuck Shop 
·        Banners & Mobiles
·        School Entrance Way
·        School Disco DJ


Create your own Funhouse with this super fun package. Madhouse takes your customers back in time, bringing back the fun times as they progressively bounce the night away. This epic bouncy show creates a sublime inflatable playground which is designed to attract, entertain and keep customers in your venue for the duration.

Gladiator Duel
Gladiator Duel is great fun as your customers try to knock their opponent off the platform, but who will be crowned the ultimate gladiator? Guaranteed to keep your customers amused and keep them active in your venue!
Bungee Run
Try your luck at running the furthest whilst tied to an elasticated bungee cord. Incredible entertainment that will keep your customers entertained from start to finish.
Bouncy Castle
Let the silly times begin, watch as your customers let their hair down as they bounce the night away on our adult bouncy castle.

UV Face Paint Party Budget Box Event

For a truly magnificent event bursting with glowing dramatic visuals, a UV Face Paint Party is guaranteed to impress! Clubbers, students and even under 18's, adore the excitement and fantasy of UV Parties. With UV Face Paint Party, guests can decorate themselves with brilliant UV Face Paints, available in 6 glowing colours. With their faces, arms, legs, or any areas they wish to adorn with imaginative face/body art, their unique gleaming titivations will make for the most stunning incandescent visuals imaginable in the packed out venue. The UV Face Paint is easy to apply as decorative body art as it is more concentrated than the UV Body Paint. As the paints wash easily off the skin (and out of clothes), the UV Face Paint Party does not require the venue clean-up regime that follows a UV Body Paint Party.

Full Package Includes:
200 x 150ml UV Face Paints (RTU) 6 Colours
Instructions/Clean Up Guide
MSDS data sheet

Optional Extras:
Extra UV Face Paints

Foam Parties

Without doubt the most popular promotional party in the Nightclub industry! We use only the biggest, best and safest Foam Canons in the UK! See examples of foam parties available:

Foamblaster Foam Canon: The original foam canon, spray onto the dance floor reaching a distance of approx 20ft. The majority lands on the customers’ heads and upper body; very little reaches the floor so there is minimum mess.

Strong Foam Canon: For larger venues and a much larger volume of foam, the Strong Foam Canon produces 40% more foam but no more water residue than its smaller brother!  Lots more to enjoy!

Monster Foam Canon: The most powerful Foam Canon in the UK! This powerful canon produces more foam and projects it further than any other canon on the market: fact!

Colossus / Titan: The Colossus is also known as the Titan; this is not a foam canon but a Foam Generator as seen in Ibiza! This is the most powerful foam producing machine capable of filling a dance floor with foam to a depth of 4ft in a matter of minutes!  However you should be aware that because of the amount of foam, 
water residue is considerably more than a Foam Canon. Clean up available.

Mini Colossus / Titan: This produces the same effect as its big brother but uses a smaller Foam producer making it ideal for smaller venues. This still generates far more foam than a canon and can fill up a dance floor in minutes with Foam!

Scented Foam: For something different, we can offer scented foam parties. For the perfect addition to a Back To School event, why not try our Bubble Gum, Jelly Babies or even Pencil Shaving scented foam!

UV Gunge Party Budget Box Event

Gunge was the star of all our childhood television shows, from Get Your Own Back and Live & Kicking to Noel's House Party. Host your own gunge-tastic event with this package.

UV Gunge Party is the ultimate in messy entertainment, and a hot favourite in Nightclubs, Student Unions, and even under 18's events! Whether it's popular crowd-pleasing wrestling and games in the gooey Gunge, or Kid's TV nostalgia - taking a dip in the yellow/green Gunge Pit following a wrong answer to one of the Quiz Master's tricky questions – UV Gunge Party's versatility is key to its success as a nightclub entertainment solution.

 Full Package Includes:
Inflatable Pool 269cm x 175cm x 51cm (sizes may vary)
Electric 240V Air pump
2 Kg Green Gunge Powder (Makes 25 Litres of Green Gunge)
2 Kg Yellow Gunge Powder (Makes 25 Litres of Yellow Gunge)
MSDS data sheet

Optional Extras:
Extra Gunge Powder (Yellow or Green)
Paint Mixing Paddle (SDS chuck needed if you have SDS drill)
SDS adapter Drill Chuck (Required for SDS Drills
Monster Munch™ & Space Raiders™ Party

Turn your venue into a tuck shop with everyone's favourite 10p crisps!
Built around the hugely popular Monster Munch™ Party, which is flying out as an event in its own right to clubs and Student Unions throughout the UK, this package now combines Monster Munch™ with Space Raiders™ for the ultimate show down. Guaranteed to  satisfy the hunger of every member of your crowd!

All the flavours are available, Pickled Onion, Flamin’ Hot and Roast Beef for the Monsters, and Pickled Onion, Beef, Salt n Vinegar and Spicy representing the Aliens…. We can mix Monsters vs. Aliens into one giant load which, using our specially created projection cannon, fires the crisps approx. 8 metres into the air, and all over your crowd, or for the ultimate battle, we fire them separately, and let your crowds hunger decide the winners.

Full Package Includes:                                    Optional Extras:
1 Projection Cannon                                         Monsters & Space Invaders Themed Nightclub Inflatables
Large Quantity of Monster Munch
Large Quantity of Space Raiders
Flyer Template
Social Network Promotion

Venue Decor

Create the ultimate school disco with oversized school props, a tuck shop and even a bike shed!

Giant School Books
Bike Shed
Giant Pencil & Ruler
Wooden School Bench
Bike Shed
Oversized School Coat Rack
Tuck Shock Sign
Giant School Desk
Giant Sweet Props
School Black Board
School Crossing


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